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How Regenerative Medicine Can Help You Heal From an Injury Faster

Thanks to the march of advancements in medicine and medical care, new treatments for disease and injury can heal people faster than you might have ever thought possible, all while keeping patients safe and happy. 

One of these revolutionary treatments offered at Modern Concepts is regenerative medicine. Take a moment to learn all about how it can help you heal from an injury faster. 

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine refers to a branch of medical care that uses stem cells to repair damaged or injured body tissues. By supplying your body with cells that don’t yet have specialized functions, regenerative medicine can speed up your body’s healing process and restore optimal function to your body. 

How does it work? 

If regenerative medicine sounds too good to be true, rest assured the process has been studied extensively for its efficacy and safety. In fact, doctors have been using regenerative medicine for decades, performing stem cell transplants via bone marrow. 

If you decide to pursue regenerative medicine, your Modern Concepts doctor injects stem cells into your injured joint. The stem cells undergo a process called differentiation, which means they mature into the type of cell needed to heal your injury. For instance, if you have a torn meniscus in your knee, the stem cells would differentiate into meniscal cells. 

Different types of regenerative medicine

Modern Concepts offers three different kinds of regenerative medicine using stem cells — the “three R’s.” 


This type of regenerative medicine uses stem cells to encourage healing of damaged tissues. It can help to override the harmful effects of chronic inflammation or other processes that delay wound healing. 


As simple as the name suggests, this stem cell treatment involves complete replacement of damaged or injured tissues by the process of differentiation. 


This process involves injecting stem cells to restore the normal function of an injured tissue, reinstating your normal range of motion and movement patterns. 

What kind of injuries can regenerative medicine heal? 

The FDA has approved regenerative medicine as a healing treatment for certain body parts. Those areas include: 

Basically, regenerative medicine can treat all of your body’s major joints, which are the most common places to sustain injuries. Researchers hope that one day, stem cells can treat even the most complex conditions, such as spinal cord injuries and heart failure

To learn more about regenerative medicine, visit our regenerative medicine FAQ page. To schedule a consultation with a Modern Concepts doctor, call our Fort Mill, South Carolina, office at 803-200-1534, send us a message here on our website or book your appointment online

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